St Paul's, Warton Graveyard Now Recognised by CWGC

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by Paul Barfoot

Those eagle-eyed and observant among you may have noticed a new addition to the wall by the entrance to St. Paul's Church in Warton. After initially being contacted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) last year, the PCC agreed to the erection of a sign at our main entrance identifying that our churchyard contains the graves of those that fell in the First World War and since. The CWGC has now completed their work and the new sign can be seen in the picture below.

But who are the 3 brave men who now lay at rest in our churchyard? The CWGC lists them as:


D SLATERPrivateService Number: 18892 of The Loyal North Lancashire RegimentUnited Kingdom.

Died 14 February 1919, 27 years old.

EDWARD SNAPEPrivateService Number: CH/2258(S) of the Royal Marine Light InfantryH.Q. (Chatham)United Kingdom

Died 16 November 191824 years old.

JAMES CROSSPrivateService Number: 181038 of the Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)Home Bn.United Kingdom.

Died 28 October 191834 years old.

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