Night-time shots of our Church

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by Paul Barfoot

Recently a local amateur photographer sent us this fabulous night-time picture of our Church.

St. Paul's, Warton at night
St. Paul's, Warton at night - click on the picture above to see a higher resolution version


Here, in Jon Byles Hardman's own words, is how he came to take it:

"Hi Mike.

We heard that you weren't feeling too good, so thought you might appreciate a smile.

Firstly, Milly's christening went very well, and the service was lovely. Many thanks to your "stand-in" on the day, who was brilliant. If you can let him know that the hot pot was excellent, and its a shame he couldn't join us....

Anyhow, completely unrelated, you may remember that it snowed a few weeks ago, and after our chat about me wanting to get a long exposure photograph of the church, I considered it a great opportunity.

I didn't get out of our house till quite late on, however, when I got to the church thee was a beautiful layer of snow on the ground, the roof, and a dusting on all the brickwork. The floodlights were lighting it up superbly, and the scene resembled the perfect Christmas scene for a Christmas card. You get the idea.

I set up my tripod, correct lens on camera, ISO and aperture settings checked, lens cap off, remote shutter release in hand, I raise my thumb to depress the shutter......and........ YOUR FLOODLIGHTS TURNED OFF !

I now realise that they must be on a timer, and 10.30 pm is their time for switching off.

I'll be honest, it made me laugh, despite the frostbitten fingers....

So, I ventured out last night. No snow I'm afraid, however I got a shot which I quite like.

It's on my Flickr page if you want to have a look.

If you'd like a print of it, let me know,

And please feel free to put it on the website if you see fit. 

As I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I've got another one, which is slightly lighter, so its up to you which you think works best. (sending separately, as Gmail doesnt like large files)

On a serious note, its a beautiful church, and I hope the pic does it justice. I hope to get some more soon, and would love to get some of the interior at some point.

Hope you are feeling better, and hope to speak soon


Jon Byles Hardman"